Some Of Our Services

Reiki Energy Healing


 Reiki is used to accelerate healing, assist the body in cleansing toxins, balance the flow of subtle energy by releasing blockages, and help the client contact the healer within.  It provides deep relaxation and a sense of peace to the client. More Information on Services Page

Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage


 Swedish/Deep Tissue massage using varying degrees of pressure is exceptional for Releasing Muscle Tightness, increasing the level of Oxygen in the Blood, Decreasing Muscle Toxins, Improving Circulation and Flexibility while Easing Tension and Stress. More Information on Services Page 

Detox Massage For Your Healthy Lifestyle Goals


  Incorporating Dry Brushing (exfoliation)  with Massage Techniques and Essential Oils that help Improve Circulation and Lymph Flow which in turn helps in Detoxifying the body and also helps to Repair Connective Tissue, which over time begins to Tone and Tighten the Skin. More Information on Services Page 

Our Facility

Same Day Appointments May Be Available

 Open 7 Days a Week

Monday 10 to 6

Tuesday-Friday 8 to 9

Saturday and Sunday 10 to 4

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Our Facility




Conveniently located Inside of  

Scalp and Skin  

6625 w. Sahara ave. #5 

We are in the Marbeya Business Park  Which is 6650 w. Sahara ave

We are the Only Free Standing   Building in the NE corner of the complex. Office door faces Sahara Opposite Side of Building from Pilaties By Irina or Around the Corner from Coffey and Rader CPA  End of the OutdoorWalkway  

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